Bio-Inspired Squirrel Robot

Hardware & Electronics | Team | 2019

I built this robot with two friends as part of our bio-inspired robotics elective (ENME489L). The gait and physiology of the robot was heavily inspired by squirrels. We were able to implement an under-actuated galloping gait, strategically weighting the robot, and designing and 3d-printing spring-loaded legs to passively enable this gait with only 3 control parameters (achieved through two pairs of three servo motors for each side of the squirrel bot).

I worked on the design of the system, designing and building the electronics, CAD and 3d-printing of the body components, and writing the control code. You can see code and materials here.

Our more-spidery-than-squirrely initial prototype. Modular design allowed us to test basic gait control and robot dynamics before honing in on our final design.
Our finished squirrel bot!
Tethered motion test, tuning timing and weight distribution for gait control
Walk demo for final robot